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Technology-based interventions allow students to become active participants in their own quality-of-life journey. Q-Life (Quality Life) Student gives students the safe, supportive, all-in-one tool they need.

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Our solution to a common problem

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The problem

Student burnout, stress, and anxiety are at crisis levels leading to higher dropout rates. Our research revealed a need beyond generic, reactive student assistance programs.

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Our solution

To address this crisis, we designed, built, and piloted Q-Life, an evidence-based, proactive, personalized, all-in-one solution to help students flourish at home and school.

What Q-Life offers

Students will interact with the content and tools meaningful to them.


The personal journal tool allows for reflection, decompression and problem solving. Studies show journaling can help reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety, and improve memory.

Daily logging

Did you know 40% of what we do in a day is unconscious, patterned behaviour? Simple, recurring yes/no questions help students check-in with themselves and hold themselves accountable. Explore patterns over time to see personal progress in key areas of wellbeing.

Multimedia resources

Explore engaging video and text lessons on a variety of wellbeing topics, from mental health to financial wellness and more, leading to improved quality of life.

Interactive exercises

Activities encourage deeper learning and self-awareness practice through self-reflective prompts.

The results speak for themselves

See the positive changes Q-Life delivers!

  • 11% Considered quitting school before Q-Life
  • 94% Felt their mental health needs were more supported
  • 58% Gained new confidence in their academic success
  • 45% Reported improvements in their grades
  • 89% Said their future looked brighter
  • 23% Saw a decrease in the use of counselling services

How it works

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    All your wellbeing content in one easy to access spot. Contact us to get started.

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    2. Start engaging!

    Students will interact with the content and tools meaningful to them.

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    3. Results speak for themselves

    Students reported increased wellness in many different areas after using Q-Life

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We're evidence-based!

What separates a good platform from a great one? It's in the science.

Q-Life is founded on peer-reviewed scientific research. We've partnered with award-winning research teams at Dalhousie University and Acadia University to build an all-in-one toolbox for personalized, proactive supports that work.

Explore our published, peer-reviewed studies below, and stay tuned for more! We're continuously researching and iterating to deliver what our users need when and how they need it.

Feedback from our users

It's as easy as it sounds. Your students will have access to on-boarding support, monitoring of progress, certificates and more!

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