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Powering the next-generation of digital mental health and well-being user experiences.

Our suite of products

We are focused on personalizing the health journey we are all on with our platform and suite of products.

The JackHabbit platform acts as a white label digital solution that aggregates and personalizes all your health solutions with a single sign-on.
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Q-Life Employee
Q-Life employee is your resilience and mental fitness program for your employees.
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Q-Life Student
Q-Life student is your resilience and mental fitness program for your students.
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Our Approach

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We believe that empowering users to adopt proactive, rather than just reactive, health behaviours is more likely to identify and address potential issues before they escalate. This can lead to fewer crises and a more fulfilling, purposeful life.

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We motivate and build confidence in users to take charge of their well-being by tailoring a unique roadmap for each user, aligning with their specific goals and preferences. This roadmap serves as a proactive guide, suggesting actionable steps to enhance overall wellness.

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Privacy by Design

We believe that the highest level of privacy should be the default setting, meaning that users do not need to take any action to protect their privacy; it should be automatic. We use privacy by design, emphasizing privacy and data security from the very beginning of the design and development process of our products, services, and our system.

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The foundation of evidence-based practices is central to our approach. This means that every aspect of what we do is meticulously designed and refined based on proven research and scientific methodologies.

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We're evidence-based!

Explore our white papers to learn more about what's behind the work we do. We're continuously researching and iterating to deliver what our users need when and how they need it.

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