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Learning new skills and building habits takes focus and dedication. Our AI-supported, intuitive learning platform helps you deliver your content to your Learners seamlessly, with tools that keep them engaged and on the path to improvement.

Our Approach

Growth Management

We believe that learning should be a permanent and purposeful pursuit. JackHabbit is the next evolution of Learning Management software (LMS), providing tools to keep Learners on the path to healthy habit formation. Behavioural nudges and normalization of failure are key components to the philosophy behind what we call our Growth Management System (GMS).

Individualized Experience

We know that each Learner is different. That’s why JackHabbit leverages machine learning, behavioural science, and persuasive design to deliver content in an individualized way, increasing engagement and adherence.

Total Health Support

Most preventative health apps deal with a single, isolated factor like sleep or fitness. Research has shown that people are much less likely to successfully change a behaviour if there is a barrier elsewhere in their life. For this reason, JackHabbit addresses multiple core competencies tailored to the needs of each Learner.


JackHabbit comes packaged with Q-Life, a tested and validated resilience experience. Students and employees who have completed the Q-Life have displayed significant improvements in resilience and findings from this research have informed every aspect of design for the JackHabbit platform.


Our Team

Darren Steeves
Dr. Jonathon Fowles
Keith Abriel
Zack Miller
Ege Aydede
Rose Scoville
Ben MacLeod
Will Musgrave
Chris Wiseman
Eva Gagnon-Messier
Fazleem Baig
Regine Tiu
Heiddis Olafsdottir
Adenrele Oduntan
Rowan Hart
Hayley MacDonald
Brittany Somers
Dr. Rita Orji
Dr. Leanne Stevens
Dr. Shannon Johnson
Dr. Chris Shields
Dr. Jeff Zahavich
Donald E. Clow
Shelley Clow
Mike Davis
Travis McDonough
Elizabeth Cawley
Yasmeen Ibrahim
Julia Koppernaes
Olivia Stevenson
Oladapo Oyebode
Alaa Alslaity
Christine Isnor
Duncan Harvie
Wendy Hopkins
Chris Valardo
Sharon Bauer
Angela Dufour
Darren Steeves

Darren Steeves

Chief Supporter & Founder
Darren’s purpose is to help people through living his values of collaboration, innovation, curiosity, and integrity. He has an extensive 25-year background in health and performance, consulting with top executives, Olympic medalists, and world champion athletes. He is widely published on the topics of wellness, resiliency, and behaviour change. He created Jackhabbit to use his knowledge and experiences to help more people build and sustain healthy habits. Darren knows there is no easy solution, but is confident that Jackhabbit’s use of behavioural design and persuasive technology backed by true evidence-based research will make it a disruptive technology in the field of preventative mental and physical health.